About Us

Edward R. Muñoz ESQ 

Edward Muñoz has over 30 years combined litigation experience. For over a decade, he worked as a Deputy District Attorney, investigating major narcotics and drug related cases. He also worked in the homicide unit for Orange County, California. By the time he was voted Deputy District Attorney in 1984-1985, Mr. Muñoz had worked nearly 100 different criminal court cases involving the most heinous of crimes, including drug trafficking and murder. An extensive background in prosecution gives Mr. Muñoz the insight and knowledge to now DEFEND the wrongly accused. Leveraging his first-hand knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses in a prosecutor’s case, Mr. Muñoz will fight to ensure your lawful rights are secure.


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Santa Ana Criminal Defense Attorney 

If you or a loved one have been charged with a crime, you need to move quickly to protect yourself. After serving for over 10 years as a prosecutor for Orange County, Mr. Muñoz knows very well that a prosecutor is most likely not going to indite you unless the District Attorney’s office feels it have a very high chance of obtaining a guilty verdict – and he knows what prosecutors go through to build a strong enough case to prove you guilty. Muñoz & Associates will aggressively litigate your case,  utilizing all resources, analyzing evidence, and researching case law all in an effort to defend your rights… and your freedom.

What Do I Do After Being Arrested? 

If you have been arrested for a crime in Orange County, it is needless to say that you have an uphill battle in front of you. Orange County prosecutors and District Attorneys are eager to press charges and to push for quick and stiff penalty. Keeping our community safe is the primary job of the District Attorney’s Office. The safety and well being of Orange County citizens rests upon their offices’ ability to enforce rules and laws. If a person breaks those rules, and abuses those laws, the D.A. is expected to make an example out of those crimes and the individuals who commit them. If you feel that you were wrongly accused, or if you feel that your involvement or role in a crime has not been proved accurately, Edward Muñoz is a Santa Ana Criminal Defense Attorney who can work with you to protect your rights. Muñoz & Associates handles these types of cases, as well as others:

  • Felony Drug Possession
  • Drug Charges
  • Drug Trafficking
  • Intent to Distribute
  • Possession with the Intent to Sell
  • RICO
  • Drug Conspiracy Cases
  • Manufacturing
  • White Collar Crime
  • Fraud & Embezzlement
  • Money Laundering
  • Wire Fraud
  • Tax Fraud
  • Domestic Violence
  • Sex Offenses
  • Battery & Assault
  • Murder

Will I Go To Jail Or Prison? 

This is usually the first question we get asked by our clients. The true answer is, possibly, yes. If you or a loved one have been indicted by the District Attorney’s Office or Orange County or a Federal Agency, most likely the prosecution has a large amount of evidence they believe proves your guilt beyond a shadow of a doubt. You need to look at it this way. A prosecutor does not want to lose. It makes them and their office look bad. A prosecutor, whether on a State or Federal level, does not want to press charges against innocent people. They only  want to do their job and protect the peace. So, if you have been arrested and charged, the prosecutor typically feels you are already guilty. A Criminal Defense Attorney can mean the difference between serving a prison sentence, and you walking home free. Call us today for a free consultation.