For over 40 years, the attorneys at Muñoz & Associates have fought for the rights of the citizens of Orange County, California.  If you are looking for an experienced Criminal Defense Attorney or a Personal Injury Attorney, call us today for a free consultation.  Muñoz & Associates will litigate your case and fight to protect your rights.  Below are some testimonials from individuals with first-hand experience working with Edward R. Muñoz and witnessing him in the courtroom, as well as accounts made by clients.  Also, check out what AVVO has to say about Edward R. Muñoz.


“Ed Muñoz is a talented and dedicated lawyer.  He is well respected in our legal community and is known for being a zealous advocate.” 

Kate Corrigan, Esq.,  Corrigan, Welbourn & Stokke, A Professional Law Corporation


“In my 30 years of practice, I know of no finer and complete lawyer than Ed Muñoz.”

— Robert G. Wade, Assistant District Attorney of Santa Cruz County

“Among the best and brightest trial attorneys.”

— James Enright, Chief Assistant Deputy District Attorney (Ret.)

“Ed Muñoz is a warrior.”

— Newport Beach Attorney Thomas Kroopf

“If I got into trouble, this is the guy I would want.”

— O.C. Superior Court Judge Andrew Banks

“Ed Muñoz is one of the best trial attorneys I have ever been in the courtroom with; that includes criminal defense or civil litigators.”

— Ron Chrislip, Trial Attorney with 32 years of experience.

“Attorney Edward Muñoz is one of the finest attorneys in the county.  He has 28 years of experience in criminal law.  He has successfully represented hundreds of defendants charged with serious felonies or simple misdemeanors.  He is well-liked and well respected by judges and lawyers.  He serves his clients with excellence and integrity.”

— O.C. Superior Court Judge Brett London

“Mr. Muñoz handled 2 Felony Marijuana charges on my behalf.  I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. Smart, a pleasure to be around, and an EXCELLENT lawyer.  If you are walking into a Courthouse this is who you want by your side.”

Kim, AVVO Testimonial 

“My case involved a criminal defense as well as the defense of a professional license.  Mr. Muñoz was thorough, efficient, knowledgeable, and experienced.  He also was compassionate and guided me through each step of the process with honesty and integrity.”

— AVVO Testimonial 

It was by chance that I got Ed as an attorney.  The attorney I started my case with decided to join forces with Ed and it was a BIG benefit for me.  I had a personal injury case where the standard was happening – the other party wanted to give me a paltry amount.  That wasn’t going to slide by Ed.  He built a solid case and stuck in there.  I ended up getting what I deserved rather than a small amount of “hush” money.  I told Ed that he was like a pit bull.  He got his teeth on it and wouldn’t let go.  At least not until I was satisfied.  And that’s what satisfied him.  You want a lawyer who’s got some fight in him.  Not one that will roll over at the first signs of a fight from the other side.

— Jill, AVVO Testimonial